6.39 project management case study

6.39 project management case study

In today’s highly competitive era, case studies have become vital for any business. Companies that have been in a certain industry for years have probably tackled and successfully managed a number of projects. They would achieve exceptional results and gain a strong reputation. For such companies, it is important to effectively document project management case study examples. It can help companies promote their brand better and attract more potential customers.

Case studies serve as an excellent means of demonstrating a company’s capabilities to potential customers. It can help highlight a company’s past performance and make customers believe in its potential. In addition, it can help in establishing a long-term relationship with customers.

However, some companies cannot handle projects and require the assistance of professionals. Because of this, there is a growing demand for project management professionals. If you want to make a successful career in project management, getting a project management training certification can help you.

What is a case study?

A case study refers to an in-depth examination of a specific case in a real-world context. It is a piece of content that sheds light on the challenges faced, the solutions adopted and the overall results of the project. Case studies are generally used by businesses in the design phase. However, they are also displayed on company websites to give potential customers a glimpse of the brands’ options. It can even serve as an effective lead generation tool. Simply put, case studies are stories that tell a target audience about the actions and strategies an organization has taken to become successful.

What is a project management case study?

A project management case study is a piece of content that highlights a project successfully managed by an organization. It presents the challenges the organization faced, the solutions adopted and the final results. Continue reading to explore examples of successful project management case studies.

Top case studies and examples of project management

Looking for some PMP case study examples? If so, here are some of the best examples for you to explore. Let’s dive in!

1. Mavenlink helps improve utilization rate by 15% for BTM Global

The entire case study is about how Mavenlink helped BTM Global Consulting save hours of work and improve utilization with resource management technology. BTM Global Consulting offers system development and integration services to various clients. The challenges the company faced were that tools like Netsuite OpenAir and Excel spreadsheets were unable to meet the customization needs as the company grew. This affected their overall productivity.

To overcome this challenge, the solution they adopted was to switch to Mavenlink. The result was a 10% increase in company utilization and a 15% increase in project manager utilization. It also reduced the resource allocation job from 4 hours to just 10 minutes.

2. Boncom reduces billing errors by 100% with Mavenlink

Boncom is an advertising agency that works with various purpose-built brands to create merchandise around the world. The challenge was that the company relied on multiple point solutions to deliver client-facing projects. However, the solution did not offer the required operational functionality. The ideal solution for Boncom was to adopt Mavenlink. As a result, the billing rate error was reduced by 100%. Boncom enabled accurate forecasting and the company could generate reports in much less time.

3. why yes! With Mavenlink, it achieves 80% billable usage

Whyaye is a digital transformation consultancy providing IT transformation solutions to businesses across a range of industries. The problem was that he was using Whyaye to manage resources and projects using tools such as email, PowerPoint and Microsoft Excel. However, as the company grew, they were unable to access project data or gain insights to effectively manage projects. The ultimate solution to this challenge was switching to Mavenlink. The result was a 6% increase in utilization, doubling of new clients, tripling of company size and seamless support through business growth.


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4. Metova increases billable usage by 10% with Mavenlink

If you’re looking for a case study in project planning, Metova might be the right example.  The challenge was that the company was dealing with several projects at once. However, heavy reliance on tools such as Google Sheets limited the organization’s growth opportunities. So the company looked for a solution and switched to Mavenlink. As a result, she was able to increase her billable utilization by 10%, increase portfolio visibility and standardize the project management process.

5. Taste doubles the length of the outlook forecast with Mavenlink

Appetize is one of the leading cloud-based point of sale (POS), enterprise management and digital ordering platforms trusted by many businesses. The company’s challenge was that its legacy project tracking systems were unable to meet the company’s growing needs. They experienced problems with growth and manual data analysis. The solution they found was to switch to Mavenlink. The result was an extension of the forecast horizon to 12 weeks, support for efficient enterprise-wide scaling, easy management of more than 40 large projects, and Salesforce integration for project implementation.

6. RSM improves client satisfaction and global business processes with Mavenlink

RSM is a tax, audit and consulting firm that provides a wide range of professional services to clients in Canada and the United States. The company’s challenge was that its legacy system lacked the necessary features needed to support their labor-intensive and time-consuming projects and deliver insights related to project trends. Switching to Mavenlink was the ideal solution to this challenge. The result was better compliance risk mitigation, improved client-team communication, template-by-template creation, and better use of KPIs and project status.


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6.39 project management case study

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