Best time to visit Ladakh

Best time to visit Ladakh

Every year, hundreds of people plan to visit Ladakh and this is why; knowing the best time to visit Ladakh is important. This not only helps to better understand the state of the world but also helps to better plan. And this question will surely come before you as you plan to visit this unique land. So, like many others, if you are also visiting here, be sure to know all the features of Ladakh and including the best time to visit Ladakh.

Best time to visit Ladakh

Going to Leh-Ladakh is one of the most popular ideas for many. Enjoy the spectacular view of the vast and desolate hills and valleys. This and the exciting experience of enduring harsh weather is one kind of adventure you can experience. While some people suggest that summer is the best time to visit Ladakh, others prefer to travel through the winter. When summer is pleasant and comfortable, winters are difficult but also exciting. From the many festivals to the spectacular, one can enjoy a variety of activities, and best time to visit Ladakh.

Best time to visit Ladakh in Festival Season

  •  Celebrations in Ladakh during the summer

During the summer, you can also enjoy being a part of various festivals in different places. Some of the best festivals you can be a part of are Hemis Festivals, YuruKabgyat, and Saka Dawa.

  •  Celebrations in Ladakh during the monsoon season

Aside from the adventure reserved for tourists, Ladakh in monsoon is a great time to be a part of several festivals. There are festivals like Karsha Gustor, Phyang Tsedup, and Korzok Gustor to name a few.

  • Celebrations in Ladakh during the winter

Thiksey and Padum Festival is celebrated in November and guests can get a chance to enjoy the festival and enjoy local delicacies. If you are planning to visit here during the winter months, then  try to be a part of these celebrations.

Best time to visit Ladakh in Festival Season

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Weather in Ladakh

  • Summer Season in Ladakh

Summer (April-June): As the mountains warm and the country blossoms, it is a time for tourists. The place is a desert made up of snowcapped mountains that offer unique beauty, making it the best time to visit Leh. The lakes began to melt (Pangong Tso and Tso Moriri) painting the area with beautiful colors. Road travel is a popular way to see the region. Passes Khardung La and Chang La are popular ways to offer amazing vistas that will be filmed by cameras. Rohtang and Baralcha Pass are a great way to complete a tour. This is a lifetime trip and the best time to visit Leh on the road, many who ride a motorcycle consider it a passing habit.

  • Monsoon season in Ladakh

Monsoon (July-August): Due to heavy rains and all hilly areas, the region is under choked. Tourism is being shut down due to landslides and ‘moving’ lands. Although there are a number of unique features offered to the region at this time of year, only tourists are brave four-wheel-drive vehicles in the region.

  • Winter Season in Ladakh

Early Winter (September-October): This is a time for trekking and exploring the region on foot which makes it the best time to visit Ladakh. The cool mountain air is beginning to take over. Occasional snowfall gives the area a dim light. This and the water sources that turn blue are very attractive, the region seems to be changing into a dream world that changes at this time the best season to visit LadakhWeather in Ladakh


  • Weather Conditions in Ladakh




Monthly Best time to visit Ladakh

                                                             Weather Chart

Month High/Low (°C)
January -15°/ -23°
February -14°/ -24°
March -9°/ -19°
April -4°/ -14°
May -1°/ -10°
June 2°/ -6°
July 7°/ 1°
August 7°/ 1°
September 4°/ -2°
October -4°/ -10°
November -8°/ -15°
December -15°/ -23°

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