Can Body Waves Hair Be Straightened?

Can Body Waves Hair Be Straightened?

If you prefer 100% human hair, you should be aware that body wave hair is the most popular type of real human hair on the market. Why? Because of the restyled feature, which is a popular and fashionable hairstyle. In this article, we will share some information about body wave human hair and cover the extended topic of how to straighten Brazilian hair properly.

Can Body Wave hair be straightened?

The answer to many women’s questions about whether virgin human hair can be straightened is yes. You can curl your wavy hair bundles into curly human hairstyles and natural wave hair, as well as dye your black body wave hair to blonde body wave hair and other colors to body wave human hair.

In the next part of this blog we will look at how to straighten your hair.

To straighten hair with a body wave, follow these steps:

Exercises to prepare your hair for straightening brazilian waves If you want to straighten your hair with body wave, you will need to prepare the right iron and also understand how to use it. The heat of the iron should be acceptable; too cold will prevent hair extensions from straightening on the body, while too hot will damage human hair. You can ask your hairdresser or contact us for advice on how to use the iron at the right temperature.

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Before straightening human hair, make sure it is clean.

For better straightening results, make sure your hair is clean, smooth and tangle-free. You can shampoo your human hair wig, but carefully smooth the sewn-in wavy hair with your finger. Use hair conditioner to protect your Remy human hair.

Straighten your body hairstyles properly.

After all the prep work is done, use a flat iron to straighten the short hair and long hair on the body. Start by selecting a small section of the body wave hair extension, then place the iron at the roots of the section and work your way down the hair. Repeat this method on different areas of the wave front lace front wig until the full body wave human hair wig is shaped into straight hair after straightening the section of hair you choose.

Tips for straightening hair with body wave

To achieve healthy human hair, pay close attention to the temperature of the iron. If you don’t know how to style human body wave hair, we don’t recommend doing the straightening yourself. Going to the hairdresser should be the best option for you in this situation.

Straightening your human hair with a wave weave is not impolite. Use gentleness and relaxation during the straightening process as working too hard can tangle your body wavy hair and virgin body waves can cause damage to human hair.

After straightening is done, you should focus more on its maintenance. 100% human hair is similar to our own hair in that how well you take care of it determines how long it lasts. If you want to keep wavy body hair longer after straightening, you need to focus more on taking care of it.

Do you know how to straighten body wave hair after reading this blog? Feel free to share your thoughts on body wave hair.


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Can Body Waves Hair Be Straightened?

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