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Can I use pirated FL Studio?

Image-Line has zero tolerance for piracy and free downloads – including using, distributing, or selling any illegal version of our software (including cracks, patches, keygens, or licenses/reg keys). We do not allow anyone to use our software without paying Image-Line for it and thus supporting the development.

Our expert legal team actively monitors all reports of websites, social media, and sales/auction sites where our software has been pirated.

For example:

  • Advertisements for pirated FL Studio on sales sites (eBay, Craigslist, etc.)
  • Photo advertising the pirated FL Studio on Instagram
  • Download cracked FL Studio on warez sites
  • Apps that hack FL Studio Mobile
  • Crack links on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc.
  • Videos using cracked FL Studio on YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

We encourage you to report piracy and illegal distribution of our software here:

Do you give rewards?

  • We apologize, but it is not our policy to reward people for reporting illegal activity. In the past, this led to the intentional uploading of cracks and their subsequent reporting.
  • We remove over 1,000 illegal FL Studio downloads every month, and we track hundreds of new ones every day.
  • We appreciate your helping us identify problematic sites and sellers. Please consider your contribution as a service to protect your investment in our products and lifetime free updates.

Why we hate piracy and why it should bother you too

You like using FL Studio. It’s something you’ve gotten yourself into trouble with and risking. You put effort into it. You put effort into your music.

So please think about this:

The only reason FL Studio exists is because people before you paid for it.

People who use pirated copies of FL Studio are disrespecting our company, our employees who work hard to develop it AND maybe something you haven’t thought about; everyone who bought it. Yes, pirates cuss out fellow music producers.

This is especially concerning because we are one of the fairest and most generous music software companies out there. As sales of FL Studio grow, we put more money back into rewarding the creatives who created it, employing more people to develop it and add new features/technologies to the program. Most importantly for the FL Studio user community, new purchases support ongoing free updates for everyone, as we explain below. Ok, but what do paying owners of FL Studio get?


FL STUDIO of course, but that also includes


Lifetime Free Updates:-

FL Studio is already one of the cheapest DAWs out there AND comes with lifetime free updates. This means that whenever we release a new version of FL Studio, you can download, install and use it for FREE immediately and throughout the development of FL Studio. doesn’t that seem fair to you? We are not people from a “greedy company” trying to steal FL Studio.

Instant Support:-

Licensed FL Studio owners are entitled to use our online support whenever they need help or have questions. This help is provided directly from our developers and staff. Answers are provided accurately and quickly, we want your experience with FL Studio to be the best. As a registered user and customer, you can also discuss tips and techniques, issues, swap presets and tracks, share your ideas and recommendations, and be part of the ever-growing FL Studio community.

Access to User Forums:-

Only customers can post to User Forums. Ask and get answers from the experts who make the software and other FL Studio users. Create feature requests, download customer-only content, and more.

Legacy of FL Studio:-

If you prefer to use older versions of FL Studio, there is no need to use a cracked copy.  Then unlock them with your current license.

Get involved in FL Studio development:-

We release development builds on LoopTalk and actively encourage customers to let us know what features they’d like to see. In case you haven’t realized, we really ignore feature requests from anywhere other than paying customers that post on our forums. Here is a sample thread from the development of FL Studio 20.

Your computer and digital life are protected:-

Pirated copies of FL Studio are sold worldwide on sites such as eBay, Craigslist, etc. and are hosted on various warez sites. Crackers fuel a huge black market for “commercial warez” (direct sales, paid downloads, viruses and spyware). While they promote their activities as “doing good for the community”, they actually provide the raw material for an industry that attracts the worst criminal elements on the internet, who make millions from their crack business, and who act in opposition to our business, FL The future of studios and unfortunate warez ‘customers’.

These people end up with infected machines, fraudulent software, or worse. Nothing is free. If the site hosts warez, ask yourself


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cracked fl studio

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