Digital fabric printing technology wordpress

Digital fabric printing technology WordPress

Digital fabric printing technology wordpress
Digital fabric printing technology wordpress

What is the Definition of Digital fabric printing technology WordPress?

Digital fabric is how you can print digital fabric files. Digital printer makes printing on fabric using state of the art Drop on demand Head Technology spraying water-based ink over the fabric in the fabric design area. It’s as simple as home printing with an A4-size printer, however, there is an extra step/process included when talking about a finished product.

Positive of Digital fabric printing technology WordPress

Unlimited color possibilities – Unless you are printing in the usual way, there are unlimited possibilities in digital printing while one can print in 16 million colors, Yes you have read well for the first time “16 million colors”.

Low Stock Cost – One can store RFD fabric stock and print according to demand from the market, Even though there is no cost to print samples as each sample is on a personal computer.

Low Infrastructure Costs – The space required to set up digital printing is very small compared to standard printing settings.
Personalization- Every yard you print can be customized completely with your own. Fabric print

Low Cost of Staff and Time Conservation – In traditional methods and procedures where a large amount of time is spent preparing for the printing and dyeing process, there are high costs produced but in digital printing, one can work with very low labor costs and process time. it is due to the ability of a digital printer to perform two Dining and Print tasks simultaneously.

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The categorization of printing technologies-

( Digital fabric printing technology WordPress )

The inks used in digital printing are specially designed for each type of fiber. The reason behind it is the chemical process between the fabric and the ink. This picture shows 5 basic ink/chemical technologies and fabrics that they can print on. all in all, he understands that not every fabric can print on all digital textile printing presses.

Process and Minority Processes:: In particular we can double the whole process of digital printing (Green to Finish) into three sub-processes i.e.

Once a person has decided what to print, small processes go into photography. Where all technology has a few different processes. In addition, different fibers can have different front and rear processes. The table mentioned below will give you an idea of ​​the minimum process or machine requirement to complete the set of digital fabric printing.

What you should see if you are going to purchase any digital fabric printing technology WordPress?

See there are many options available in the market just like. German, Italian, Chinese, and Indian Yes. Look, Digital Textile printing is constantly growing and there is a new product/technology available every day. Without the loyalty of the company, you directed at these 5 points.
1. Fabric print quality.
2. Equipment Suspension.
3. Successful Production.
4. After Service, this is a requirement.
5. Setting Previous Units.

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