Essential Phases in Web Application Development Process

Essential Phases in Web Application Development Process:- Ever wondered what it takes for an app development company to develop a web app? What steps does it take to build the final product to meet your business and the customer’s needs? In the simplest terms, the answer is a set of actions from analysis and requirements through design and coding, testing, and launch.

Essential Phases in Web Application Development Process
Essential Phases in Web Application Development Process

This may sound easy, but go deeper, and then you will realize how tough it is. Still, some developers consider web application development to be a simple process. But the truth is that it’s not. We have to remember that every web application is different and consumes a lot of time right from the start.

And today, the way an app development company or individual makes these applications available for consumers is pretty important for you to know.

This is especially true for business owners. If you are also running a business and are looking forward to a web app, learning more about the phases will help you increase the chances of your project’s success.

Project Analysis

Project analysis is a crucial stepping stone for turning your web app development idea from an image to reality. This is where you will use your requirements to finalize coming up with a solution for the project you are going to work on. You need to identify clearly what needs to be developed and who will be the end users. These are some of the questions that you should ask yourself to get a big picture of your web app project:

  • What are the objectives of your web app?
  • Who are going to be the end users and what functions will they need?
  • How to meet their needs in the most efficient manner with your web app?

Keeping all that in mind, you can formulate a project management strategy that will work best for your web app. This is because what will work for an app being built for a teenager can be different from the one designed for an adult. So, your company can save plenty of time and money by having all the predevelopment data on hand.

Finally, your main goal in this phase of web app development should be to identify as much as possible the need, target audience, purpose of the app, and all other important information.

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The next phase is to do the planning. It’s highly crucial to structure everything from the beginning of the development to the release of the product. In simple words, it’s the time of creating the roadmap, which you must do by planning a meeting with the team.

Bring all the people involved in the project to one place and discuss deadlines and everything else. You can also set up a schedule for future meetings and track the progress of your development team. It doesn’t matter whether you are working with an in-house team or outsourcing to a web app development company in India. In both cases, a meeting is required.

The planning phase in the web application development process is also an important one because it helps the developers to get a clear picture of what the client is looking for and how he plans to use the software. This, in turn, will help in developing a more effective and efficient product, thus reducing time and cost significantly.

Sitemap and Wireframe

Sitemap and Wireframe
Sitemap and Wireframe

After finishing discussions with your team members, it’s time for the sitemap and wireframe design. Sitemaps and wireframes provide a clear view of the content and functionality of your website. In this way, the web application development process moves more quickly toward the development phase.

To make it clear, a sitemap displays the relationships between various pages of your web app. It will tell you how far your product is usable and how much complexity your user may encounter while using it. Moreover, you can get information on the overall inner structure of a website. After being done with it, move on to the wireframe part. It’s all about the visual representation of the user interface of your web app.

Remember that the primary goal of sitemap and wireframe design is to create a user-friendly web app, so it’s not possible to skip this phase in the development process.

Design Your App

In the non-design phase, you are likely to be developing everything else that goes on behind the scenes, such as coordinating with stakeholders in some areas like sitemap, internal communication, social media, marketing, overall project management strategy, and more.

But in the design phase, it’s the ultimate stage where you need to make the web app look stunning by adding in minimalistic graphics and text, which should attract users into your app.

It makes all the difference between a great app and one that is average. Design is what will grab new users, keep them engaged, and convert them into paying customers. This is a complex activity because a high level of creativity is required to decide all the visual elements to go in your app. Designers always use the concept of psychology in choosing the elements.


After completing the design elements, the time has come for you to get up to speed and start coding the app. This stage of the web application development process will be handled by programmers. It’s the most complicated step and must be done with intense focus. Otherwise, the end product may be packed with bugs and errors.


Generally, developers start from the home page and then work on the rest of them. All the decided capabilities according to the predevelopment documentation are added. Ensure that the web app development company in India that you are choosing is using the right set of technologies and following the trend. If you find them using the traditional tools and outdated development methodology, you can find another web app development company or ask them to use modern technology.


While building an app, the developers only add the default text. Later on, it is edited with the help of a content or copywriter. He will suggest catchy headlines, replace the exciting text, call-to-action, and much more. All these take immense effort. You can’t underestimate this stage as the content part gives the final touch to the app before test and release.

Test and Release

It’s the happiest and proudest moment for your company when the app is ready for release. But before that, testing is performed to do the final check of the app.

Many things can go wrong, so the development team tries to find it out in the middle. This can start from the features: forms, buttons, performance, and so on. Double check it before the launch time. The error can be in the scripts too.

When the release time comes, be prepared with the proper strategy of presentation. Submit it to the desired marketplace while keeping all the other elements, such as screenshot and description, perfect.

Maintenance and Updates

The last phase of the web development process involves dealing with the user’s experience. You can’t expect the users to keep liking your app with the same functionalities. There is always a room to innovate, and this is what your users want. Maybe some kind of bug or crash is affecting the user experience. Look over these things and update the app.

It has to be done correctly because, when not done, it can result in a huge financial loss and damage to a company’s credibility. Maintaining applications require continuous and regular checking of the application. Many mobile app development companies in Bangalore will provide you with this additional service at a nominal charge.

In fact, web apps are constantly under development, and as a result, changes happen around them. It is important to have a process in place for maintenance and updates that don’t disrupt the business. Make sure to make changes and modify the app as and when required to keep your users satisfied.

How to develop a web app efficiently?

If you have a big project in hand, it is better to find the right web app development company in India. It will take care of all your business web app development needs and help you with its efficient development.

A good web application development process is a combination of proper planning and tasks that are required to complete a quality job.

This way, you would be able to avoid most problems and ensure that you’re guaranteed to meet your completion date.


The web application development process consists of a number of steps, which are necessary for creating robust web apps. It is essential to follow the right process to build them so that they are highly functional and secure. The right steps in the web development process can make the difference between failure and success. Also, adjust the phases to fit your project’s needs, consider adding feedback loops if necessary, and then roll up your sleeves or ask your web app development company in India to start developing.

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Essential Phases in Web Application Development Process

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