Tablet from the Government?

Tablet from the Government?



Get Tablets for free:

the benefits was extended to teenagers between the ages 15-25 years old also have the option of receiving them.

This allowance is for women aged over 60 and those from the most vulnerable groups, such as beneficiaries of the Universal Child Allowance. The National Communications Entity, (ENACOM), expanded the reach of the National Program for Access to Information and Communication Technologies for older people and women from the most vulnerable sector.

This includes Anses beneficiaries like Universal Child Allowance (AUH), retirees with the minimum wage and monotributistas.

Who can receive a tablet for free?

It is only for those who see:

Pregnancy and Universal Child Allowance (AUH).

– Non-contributory Pensions with a gross monthly income not exceeding twice that of the minimum vital or mobile salary

– Social Monotax Regime Users

– Workers, pensioners, and retirees in a dependency relationship who receive a gross remuneration that is less than or equals two minimum vital and mobile wage wages

Monotributistas with an annual income that does not exceed twice the minimum essential and mobile salaries

– Women and older adults who live in rural or suburban areas of their municipalities; unemployed; electro dependent.

The program targets older adults as well as beneficiaries of social programs.


How do I request the tablet?

You will need to go to the ANSES page, fill out a form with your personal information or update it. You can begin the process by going to “My ANSES” tab and entering a tax code (or CUIL number).

Rural women and older adults: The municipalities will create a list of potential beneficiaries and assign the devices that were not delivered under the 2018 program.

Enacom expanded the recipients’ list to include “the beneficiaries” of Decree 311/20/2020. This was Enacom’s resolution that prohibited the cutting off of services during a health emergency caused by the pandemic.


Article 4 of the Enacom regulation, published in the Official Gazette, allows municipalities to grant tablets to elderly adults who live in rural or suburban areas. The Resolution also provides instructions on how to search for potential beneficiaries for said Program.

How can I order the Anses tablet for free?

The National Communications Entity ( ENACOM) has decided to expand the scope and availability of the National Program for Access to Information and Communication Technologies. This is a free program that targets older adults and rural women, as well as beneficiaries of the Universal Child Allowance and social monotax holders.


How do I get the free tablet for retired people?

Access a tablet. To access a tablet, you must be retired, or an ANSES pensioner. You must also be over 60 years old.

How do I get the government tablet?

The National Government anticipates that approximately 100,000 tablets will be delivered to this second edition. This is similar to the number of tablets shipped for the first edition which saw a high demand.

How do I sign up for the Anses tablet

Retirees can enrol by phone to tablet for free

You can also call the ANSES central phone number (130 in option 7, then 6, to speak to a call centre operator) to get your tablet.

Who can order the free tablet?

Beneficiaries of the Universal Child Allowance

Retirees, Pensioners

social monotributistas

This program will also include retirees, pensioners, and workers in dependency relationships who have a gross income less than or equal to twice the Minimum Vital and Mobile Salary, unemployed persons, and people who are electrically dependent. .

According to the standard, “To optimise compliance with the program that affects one of the most vulnerable sections of society in face of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is necessary that the devices that were not delivered because they were not presented are redistributed.” The program will be expanded to include more beneficiaries and a wider range of community, social, neighbourhood, and community organisations that are active in the local neighbourhoods.


How do I sign up for a tablet?

In the framework of the second edition, it is expected that 100 000 (100,000), tablets will be free of charge throughout the country.


In the Official Gazette was published the rule that provides free delivery of tablets. This determines who is eligible for the Universal Child Allowance ( AUH ), Universal and Pregnancy Allowance, noncontributory pensions with income not exceeding twice the Minimum, Vital, and Mobile Salary, and those using the Social Monotax Regime.

Claudio Ambrosini (head of ENACOM), has proposed a resolution to deliver the tablets free of charge. He stated that the technology of Information and telecommunications, in the context of the COVID 19 pandemic and the mandatory social, preventive, and mandatory isolation, “constitute instrumental tools for the exercise of fundamental right (health, food, education, and other rights), particularly for vulnerable populations, in the face possible contagion,”

What is the Simplest Program You Can Use?

+SIMPLE, a program that provides digital equipment and access to new technology for older adults, is called “Digital Inclusion Program for Older Adults”.

How do I sign up to a tablet?

To participate in the Anses tablet delivery you will need to fill out the registration form. You will be allowed to proceed if you meet all requirements.

You will be asked to choose between “Retired” or “Rural Women”. Click on Participate, and then follow the steps.

You can also register by telephone by calling Anses at 130 option 7, from any part of the country.

Anses 130’s telephone service is available to assist with the administration of many procedures and services. It also provides advice about the various benefits of the organization. Citizens can inquire 24 hours a days, 365 days through an automated system. It is available Monday through Friday, from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm.

More news: ANSES: Claims, complaints. Contact information and telephone number

If you have difficulties accessing the web or communicating by phone, you can also register by email, sending an email to

After you complete the registration for the free tablet, you will be issued a number which will allow you to track your participation in the contest. Later Anses will contact to let you know if you were selected and how you can access the tablet.

It is worth noting that the Anses Simpler Program offers training. You can consult their dates, times, and locations.


Sign up now to get your free tablet

First, go to to complete the registration form. You will be granted access to the next step if you meet all the requirements.

You can also access the official website of ANSES by entering your CUIL number or Social Security Code.

You can sign up by telephone at the number 147 of Government of Buenos Aires, or 130 option 7, then 6, to speak with a call centre operator from any part of the country.

Telephone service hours are Monday to Friday, 7 a.m.-8 p.m.

What are the requirements?

You must be over 60 to receive the Minimum Retirement.

Tablets have a system that is accessible to all seniors to make it easier to use.

For inquiries you can send an email to to receive help.

This is a raffle. The winners will receive an email with their results. They will be able pick up the tablet within fifteen business days from the date and time they were informed.

It must be withdrawn with the DNI or presented by the holder as a signed note that qualifies it for third parties.

The substitute tablet will be activated through the draw if the winner doesn’t remove the tablet. He can then go and look for the tablet.

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