How to choose an electric skateboard motor

How to choose an electric skateboard motor

Getting your ideal skateboard is not impossible. All we need are the components that will produce the results we want. It needs to be thorough and appropriate for our usage. The speed, torque, range, and motor volume are some of the most crucial components of a perfect electric skateboard. These elements establish the difference between several skates, making one superior to the other. This particularity is frequently overlooked by many people, which degrades the effectiveness of skateboards.

Our longboards will operate with the most incredible electric skateboard engine, and we’ll be able to ride them in luxury. These electric longboard traction motors have various characteristics that will likely go well with any skateboard design.

The motor is an essential part of any electric skateboard’s construction. The motor should be the focal point of your whole construction. You need to consider how quickly you want to move or how far you want to go. You must consider whether you still want the flexibility to move your board or the capacity to ascend hills. In this article, you will learn everything about how to choose an electric skateboard motor. So keep reading!

Selecting the suitable electric skateboard motor

It’s crucial to understand that there is no one optimal motor for electric skateboards when choosing between motors. Only certain motors are appropriate based on your needs, such as torque, speed, stealth, sensors, etc. In light of the preceding, the best motors are listed below based on various criteria.


When compared to its equivalents in direct drive and hub motors, belt drives offer the best torque. With the Enertion Raptors 2 being the exception, they also accelerate more quickly. Belt drives are remarkably adaptable because there are several different wheel alternatives available. In actuality, belt drives allow you to utilize any longboard wheel, whether soft, hard, big, or minor. How lovely! 

Although direct drives likewise offer this benefit, if not to an even greater extent than belt drives, they are not a popular motor type on the market. Hub motors with belt drives are less noisy when using direct drives than hub motors. An electric skateboard with a direct drive could be your best option if you care about how your skateboard sounds when you whiz past a crowd of people.

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Driven by a belt, VS Hub Motors

These two electric skateboard motor types are available. Each offers benefits as well as drawbacks. Your use and other criteria will determine which of these two you choose.

How to choose an electric skateboard motor
How to choose an electric skateboard motor


Not all users prioritize speed above everything else. Some people and their skateboards to handle any terrain. It’s ultimately the mixture that will work best for you.

Material Excellence

Make sure your motors don’t malfunction after a few dings. Strong engines are made of materials resistant to water and dust.


Skateboarders are not all pros. If you want to avoid hiring an expert, choose a kit that will allow you to complete an electric skateboard of your own. Most skateboard motors are generic. However, certain decks, trailers, and engines will always perform better with specific brands. So be sure to check for compatibility. You might still need to consider other aspects when selecting a longboard motor. 


Staying within your budget is essential, no matter what you have in mind. Your investment should be comparable to or above the cost of the thing you seek. Additionally, this tactic will aid in improving your choice-filtering.

Final verdict 

The primary motor types that power these e-boards are belt drives, hub motors, and direct drives; which one you choose to deal with depends on your interest in or fascination with skateboards. For instance, if you are sure you do not want a loud skateboard, you do not need to spend time researching. investigating belt-driven skateboards, nor would you consider hub motor-driven skateboards if you are concerned about buying electric mobility scooters with high torque.

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How to choose an electric skateboard motor

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