How to Recover Deleted Telegram Messages in Android and ios

How to Recover Deleted Telegram Messages in Android and ios

Telegram is a free messaging app that has gained huge popularity in recent years and lots and lots of people are using this platform. The amazing features of telegram attracted users and they used it. However, there are many users who are wondering how to recover deleted Telegram messages.

Users don’t need to worry because in this blog we will guide our users on how to get back messages that have been deleted on this platform so without further ado let us know.

Refresh messages using a mobile device

  • Users have to open their device and from there they have to go to the settings tab after which users have to press the general button.
  • In the general section, users will find a reset button to press. After that, users should press the button to clear all content and settings on the screen.
  • Click on backup then wipe then press password so that users can avoid losing their device data.
  • Now users have to confirm this procedure by filling in the password. The device will reboot and after turning on, a recovery option will appear which users have to click to get the data back.

Using a recovery ringtone set

  • To retrieve deleted messages, users need to install and run the app on their device and then connect their mobile device to a computer.
  • Users now have to look for the restore from ios option in the middle of the top of the screen on the main interface of the device.
  • After that, users will see that the program will recognize the device and various files will be displayed to the users on the screen.
  • Now users have to select the categories of data in the right column of the screen that can be scanned and then users have to click on the scan button which will start scanning the selected device data.
  • Users can visit onlinehubb if they want to get more information about the same so that users can use this information for their use. The site is easy to navigate so that users will not find any problems in accessing and using it.


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How to Recover Deleted Telegram Messages in Android and ios

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