is clothing/shoe/accessory stores a good career path

is clothing/shoe/accessory stores a good career path:- The answer is a big YES!!! Clothing retail is a huge business that cannot be shipped overseas.

Despite the rage of online shopping, clothing stores will remain popular because of the expertise of their employees. It is difficult to choose clothes without trying them on and seeing them in person.

Here you will find retail stores with clothes, shoes, accessories, and everything. You can also find stores that only sell one of these items. You can be a valuable employee regardless of the product you choose and have special skills that make you stand out.



These are mainly retail jobs, so it’s not the most profitable or lucrative career path. But that does not mean that the work is not demanding. If desired, skills can be used in other industries.

1. General Director

Average annual salary: $65,000

The store is overseen by general managers. They are expected to be knowledgeable about all aspects of the business and to be attentive to staff and other departments. They are expected to resolve any issues that arise with personnel, customer dissatisfaction, or other requests from senior management.

2. Assistant manager

Average annual salary: $40,000

The deputy store manager acts as the deputy commander in retail. The Assistant Store Manager takes over when the General Manager is not available. The Assistant Manager is responsible for looking after the entire store and filling in for any employees who are sick or unavailable.

3. Clothier

Average annual salary: N/A

Strong customer service skills and thorough knowledge of apparel required. Clothiers are often able to do custom work for their customers.

4. Inventory manager

Average annual salary: $76,000

This role is responsible for tracking store inventory. This job requires a lot of counting because the inventory manager has to ensure that the physical inventory matches the digital inventory.

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is clothing/shoe/accessory stores a good career path
is clothing/shoe/accessory stores a good career path

5. Goldsmith

Average annual salary: $48,000

The duties and salaries of goldsmiths depend on their position and skill level. Most goldsmiths work with jewelry by:-

i. forging
ii. filing
iii. casting

Although the name implies that goldsmiths only work with gold, they are expected to be proficient in other precious metals as well.

6. Jeweler

Average annual salary: $44,000

A jeweler’s job is to design and create jewelry. This requires knowledge of precious metals, gems and forging techniques. A jeweler’s salary will vary depending on their experience and level.

7. Shoe design

Average annual salary: $82,000

The job of a shoe designer is exactly what it sounds like. They design shoes. They must be skilled in design, craftsmanship and aesthetics such as choosing the right color. And They can work for an individual company or a large company such as Adidas. This is a great and profitable career option if you are creative and interested in shoes.

8. Designer clothes

Average annual salary: $75,000

Clothing designers require creativity, just like all other designers. Designers need to identify and understand different types of fabrics and how they react after stitching. Not all designers will be in fashion. Companies like Levi’s require designers to create new designs every day if you have a skill definitely big company approach you.

9. Merchandise Coordinator

Average annual salary: $75,000

It is a position that can be considered a more senior retail position. Merchandise coordinators manage inventory levels and move inventory as needed. They also ensure the correct price of the goods. They are also responsible for product display. For example, they install windows and attract customers to their establishment.

10. Jewelry designer

Average annual salary: $50,000

Jewelry designers come up with products designed specifically for jewelry.

You have the opportunity to work as a jewelry designer and sell your pieces on Etsy or for a major jeweler designing mass-produced products. It’s a job that requires highly skills creativity and design knowledge. Drawing skills are highly recommended.

Some of these jobs may require a degree or teaching certificate, but most will be available to those with experience. Design positions will likely require a degree, but other than that, these jobs can be obtained with the right process.

The following job postings can be a great place to start your search if you’re looking for a job in the industry.

EDUCATION REQUIREMENTS – Are clothing/shoe/accessories stores a good career path?

Most of these jobs do not require a college degree. Therefore, the experience will be your best way to move up in the industry and definitely boost your career. There are exceptions to this rule, so here are some degrees you might want to consider.

Clothing and textiles: You will learn about clothing and other textiles, fabrics, and materials.

Retail management: Although this degree is not offered everywhere, it could be useful if you want to become a merchandising manager or coordinator.

Design: It’s not a degree you can get anywhere you have to be a skillful. It teaches you about design and the processes that go into it.

Design technology: Here you would work as a designer.

Fashion design: Learn how to make clothes, shoes and accessories. This course is excellent if you are interested in designing shoes or clothing.
Some of these jobs are also best served with a degree from a vocational school or apprenticeship.

Goldsmiths are often apprentices: However, many of the skills can be learned in business schools.

The position of a jeweler can also be a job that is usually trained: Vocational schools will also provide these skills.

Tailors can also learn from Clothiers: tailors’ alterations are usually trained on the job.

Although there are no requirements to be a jeweler, it is a good idea to train at trade schools.

There are no schools that offer shoe repair training: High-level bots will learn from apprentices to gain the necessary skills.

These jobs may offer certifications, but the experience is your best chance to advance your career.


They sell clothes to customers. This involves designing and delivering the fabric to the retail store and placing it on the shelf for customers to choose from.

Most people in this field will work in retail stores. They give advice to customers, organize deals and determine sales.

Others will be more involved in the design aspect of creating products for their customers. Others will be highly skilled or trained and create products. These include jewelers, goldsmiths, shoemakers, clothiers, and shoemakers.

It’s a great industry to explore if you enjoy working with customers and clothing.

Frequently Asked Questions
Is it hard to work in a clothing store?

Working in clothing retail can be very competitive and sometimes stressful. Some people work for commissions, others try to have better sales and move up in the company. The job may require you to be on your feet for long hours. You will also be expected to be friendly in most stores.

What are you called if you work at a clothing store?

i. They are sometimes called sales clerks, retail clerks, or salespeople.
ii. There are more than 4.6 million retail salespersons employed in the United States.

Which clothing store pays the most?

. Bloomingdale’s topped the list
. With an average hourly salary of $12.36

What do you do when you work in a clothing store?

A job description in a clothing store includes processing payments, handling returns, and bagging or packing clothing. Customers may also ask you to help them put together or accessorize an outfit, which requires a sense of fashion.

How do I start working in fashion?

Careers in the Fashion Industry: How to Get Started
1. Look for a fashion internship.
2. The best place to start is with an internship.
3. Big fish in small ponds.
4. Be present online.
5. Keep track of skills gained.
6. Identify your dream fashion career.
7. Don’t be afraid to ask.
8. Keep moving.
9. Take initiative


In this article we covered about is clothing/shoe/accessory stores a good career path. Here you will find retail stores with clothes, shoes, accessories, and everything.

You can also find stores that only sell one of these items.

You can be a valuable employee regardless of the product you choose and have special skills that make you stand out.

It’s a good career if you have skill, knowledge about design or you have creativity. Sure you can make good career in this field.

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is clothing/shoe/accessory stores a good career path

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