Looking For Credit Card Settlement? Know Here How It Works.

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The only crucial thing to remember about credit cards is it is an instruments that must be wisely used. Think at least once before making a spend through your credit card. However, why is this so? Well, because credit cards come with higher credit limits, which entice you to spend more than your repayment capacity. Spending over your repayment capacity makes you default on your credit card bill, which lowers your credit score and your future loan and credit card approval. Like you must think before making a spend through your card, you must think before you click on the SBI credit card apply button or on any other credit card apply button. Ensure to opt for the credit card as per your requirement. Also, ensure to make the SBI credit card payment or other credit card payment by the due date. Failure to do so will levy heavy finance charges of up to 52 percent p.a.

Well, this does not prove credit cards to be a bad financial tool. A credit card, in fact, is a beneficial instrument that endows you with a handful of advantages if you use it within your repayment capacity. The habit of using credit cards is such that you are capable of availing more than you must. From one buy to the next, credit cards permit you to purchase all you want. However, it is crucial to understand that what you purchase using your card today, you should repay it tomorrow. If you, by mistake or willing, spend beyond your income, you may fall prey to massive debts, which will ultimately become tough to repay on time.

Not just the accumulated spent amount, but even the interest component that gets applied to your unpaid outstanding balances – all leaves you in huge trouble. Hence, it is way better to use the financial instrument wisely than to regret it later. Here are some of the details about why it is necessary!

And in case you are unable to make outstanding balance repayments, then what steps must you take.

Know what credit card settlement is

Credit card settlement refers to a mutual agreement between credit card users and bank or credit card issuers that assists you when it becomes very tough for you to keep up with your dues. This may be owing to various reasons, from actual financial exigencies to reckless expenditures on credit cards. Regardless of which, the conclusion causes a lot of burden on you and results in a severe financial burden as the debt multiplies each month, and there appears to be no easy way out.

In such cases of financial stress, a settlement is considered by bank agencies between the issuer and holders. In these cases, you as a holder are recommended to either choose a lump sum payment in exchange for an overall waiver or request for settlement directly.

Note that settlement of credit cards is done in thoroughly rare scenarios, and creditors do not encourage this to be an option for you. There are very few chances in which issuers agree to the settlement unless you make the payment in a lump sum. Additionally, the percentage of credit card settlement is based on the card issuer and your potential to negotiate.

Does credit card settlement impact your credit score?

As credit card settlements show you as an irresponsible individual owing to your inability to repay and manage your credits, this is bad for your credit profile. Credit card settlement negatively impacts your credit score and thus also lowers your chances of availing any kind of credit in the near future. You may need several years for you to recover your settlement. This is because a settlement gets recorded as a black mark in your history that may last for a minimum of seven years.

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How can you go through the credit card settlement process?

You can get started with the settlement in the listed ways:

  • Visit the debt settlement agency, or you can reach out to the issuer
  • Briefly explain why you are unable to repay your credit card dues in your credit card settlement letter.
  • Ensure to also mention you are open for negotiation as per the terms in the letter.
  • Next, you might also offer a lump sum payment to your issuer.
  • Your credit card issuer might either accept or deny the offer of credit card settlement. If at all it gets approval, you might be offered the repayment plan based on your present income.

Is credit card settlement a good or bad decision?

Declaring yourself bankrupt is most probably the last thing you would want to do in your life. Also, credit card settlements are nothing less. While these settlements might appear as a last resort in the case you have a massive financial burden, you must try and avoid them because of the negative impact on your credit score. Thus, even if you choose these settlements, you should try your level best to negotiate with the issuer and thus avoid fees linked with hiring a debt settlement agency.

What is the alternative option to make a credit card settlement?

In case you still believe there is a little chance for you to be out of this credit card settlement option, you should try choosing either of the options.

Credit card balance transfer option

If you have a lot of unpaid credit card balances, you must opt for this transfer option. This will assist you if the other credit card has an extremely lower or no rate of interest on the unpaid balance for a predetermined period of up to three months. Credit card issuers provide this choice and ask for interest just after the predefined interest-free period is over. Thus, this option is best only if you can clear your bills within the predefined time period as offered by the other issuers. Alternatively, for the ones who cannot make payment of the bills in a specified time, issuers may permit you to turn your transferred balance into small, easy EMIs.

Look for other credit alternatives.

If credit card outstanding debt becomes a lot for you to repay in a specific time period, you can choose to borrow the credit from a few other sources to pay your bills. You might borrow a personal loan from the bank, get a top-up home loan, or avail gold loan to get yourself out of this debt trap. Also, you may consider availing of loans on personal loans. It will be useful as the rate of interest on the borrowed amount from sources is relatively lesser, and you will get the additional time duration to simply clear off all your dues.


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Looking For Credit Card Settlement? Know Here How It Works.

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