The role of online scholars in motivating students and assisting with mental health during violence

The role of online scholars in motivating

students and assisting with mental health during


The role of online scholars in motivating students

The role of teachers is important in a student’s life as they are a great source of guidance for students. Over the past few years there have been a few changes found in the education system with physical classes making online classes in the face of an epidemic. Teachers also had to make a few changes and adapt to the new environment, and ensure that students were given full support through the online learning process to ensure that teachers were able to provide full support for students.


Many do online training on how to teach online. The software that has been used for this purpose is the Learning Management System software, which is considered one of the most popular software and comes in conducting online classes on online teaching especially for teachers. Each teacher had his or her LMS sites where he or she was able to access the profile and receive guidance on the art of online teaching.


Teachers are taught modern technology and how to use it. They were also given guidance and information on how to help students facing a depressive epidemic and encourage them to do better. It is important to understand the epidemic that has brought about significant changes in the lives of students. They were forced to stay home for safety and an Undertaker online education as part of the education process.


Students also find themselves locked up in their homes and unable to go out to do their daily activities including playing for various gym classes such as karate, dancing and more. students were experiencing dramatic changes in their entire way of life without being able to do any of the normal activities that they had previously taken for granted. In a situation like this the teachers were asked to play an important role in the lives of the students by helping them to manage this epidemic.


It was soon reported after the start of online education that many students were experiencing problems with shortages and restlessness. They could not concentrate on their studies and felt anxious and depressed. It is also important to note that during the epidemic there were many groups of students who lost family members which led to a significant impact on their minds. Each of these factors has had a profound effect on the educational system of the students. students began to feel different in their studies and began to do well in class.


Aside from these problems, the feeling of abandonment and loneliness that appeared in the worst grades In online classroom trials. It is during this time that teachers come forward and play an active role in inspiring students. They begin daily contact with students who are experiencing stress and anxiety problems especially students who are already experiencing misfortune as a result of the epidemic. The steps taken by the teachers have had a profound effect on the students as they have provided them with the confidence and guidance needed.


Teachers resumed sending quotes and assisted them with their daily classroom notes to ensure that any form of doubt was sufficiently satisfied. Such measures by teachers have had a profound effect on students’ academic performance and have been reflected in their better grades.

Benefits of LMS:

It can therefore be said that the Learning Management System software has a few advantages when it comes to providing guidance for teachers on managing students and helping them to learn better. Apart from these features the Learning Management System software also gives teachers a way to see students’ progress and have a brief overview of their strengths and weaknesses. This makes it easier for teachers to create lesson plans based on the needs and requirements of the student and helps them to remove their doubts about their studies, and to develop their skills.


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