The style box UK fashion lifestyle blog

The style box UK fashion lifestyle blog

UK fashion lifestyle

The best UK fashion lifestyle blog list curated from thousands of blogs on the web and ranked by traffic, social media followers, domain authority and freshness.

UK fashion Lifestyle blog.

1. Tess Montgomery

UK fashion lifestyle

Tess Montgomery is a slow fashion blogger influencer and model.

The London base blogger aims to inspire and motivate her followers to be more mindful on social media, she famously started the #mindfluencing campaign on Instagram. She also commenced the one item a month challenge to create a more sustainable wardrobe.

Tess Instagram feed shows a gorgeous collection of photos with neural tones and some of the most stylish outfit. Her blog features articles on sustainable fashion, lifestyle, skincare and more.

With 269 thousand followers on Instagram, over 2,000 followers on Pinterest and more than 1,000 followers on YouTube, she is definitely one to keep an eye out for it you are ready to start your sustainable wardrobe!

2. Monikh dale

UK fashion lifestyle

Monikh Dale is a fashion style, model and writer.

She is currently represented by the premier model management agency, she contributes articles to who wear, she is a contributing beauty editor to wardrobe icon and she has her own website.

Dale’s style can clearly by seen through her Instagram posts featuring timeless outfits with a chic flair. her blog features articles written about styling advice, sustainable fashion and fashion edits.

She has a following of 215 thousand followers on Instagram.

3.Jayde Pierce

UK fashion lifestyle

Jayde Pierce is a 24 years old lifestyle blogger, YouTuber, make-up artist and model.

Pierce works with many fashion labels including online retails Asos where she has a style edit collection. She also works with brands including Reebok, Estee lauder, boots, look fantastic, Spotify and more.

Her Instagram feed shows a beautiful collection of photos with her dressed in the most chic outfits with monochrome vibe. Pierce YouTube is filled with her everyday routines, fashion advice and makeup tutorials.

She has a following of 982 thousand followers on Instagram followers and 398 thousand subscribers on YouTube.

4. Alicia Roddy

UK fashion lifestyle


Alicia Roddy is a 26-year-old British fashion blogger and YouTuber who focuses on fashion and styling.

She studies business management sales and marketing at Nottingham college in the United Kingdom before delving fully into the world of fashion.

Roddy’s Instagram bio currently read: ‘me in different outfits in different places” which could not be more accurate as her page is filled with aesthetically pleasing outfits shot in minimalistic backgrounds.

as well as she is on LikeToKnowIt, a social based shopping service platform which allows users to purchase items they are wearing in a given post and she has previously worked with misguide on a lookbook Edit.

With a following of 1.3 million Instagram followers and 78.9 thousand YouTube subscribers, Alicia Roddy is widely known on the fashion scene.

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5. Olivia & Alice

UK fashion lifestyle

Twining is winning! Although Olivia and Alice are not actually twins, it’s what they do best: one glance at their Instagram page and you will immediately see their carefully coordination outfits and colourful looks.

The London based sisters said they live and breath fashion. Their own brand started in 2014: ‘Amelia Jane London’ dells pom pom hats, bobble hats and scarves.

After launching their brands, the ever-so-stylish entrepreneurs stared their blog and Instagram page together. Until then, they still have separate pages, but it only seemed natural to join their Instagram-forces as well.

If you are looking for trend inspiration or want to dress more creatively, we definitely recommend you check out their Instagram page.

6. THE 4 Of US

The 4 of us is a lifestyle blog run by three models and friends, who come to London for life, work and love. Annabel s from Germany, Zsanett from Hungary, and sara from Norway. You may ask yourself; how have they end up together? The girls have all been in the modelling industry from a young age. Each of them has individual story and experience.

However, the common passion for modelling, blogging, photography and fashion led them to work on the joint blog together.

How is it possible that the blog is called THE 4 OF US and there are only 3 awesome girls?  One of their friends was supposed to join them but at the end she had to move away from London. To fill up 4th role, every month they invite a guest blogger.

Annabel: lived for some period of her life in Germany, San Francisco, Australia and how in London. At some point she has worked in the marketing filed. After moving to London, she has decided to explore the art and film industry. She is also part of a female freelancer collective and creative agency called FEMALE NARRATIVES.

Zsanett: started to model in her home country Hungary. She was offered to go to Asia, where she stayed for 6 years in total, moving from one huge city to another. Afterwards, zsanett came to London, where she has continued to pursue her modelling aspiration in the UK market. Zsanett is represented by MOT models.

UK fashion lifestyle

Sara’s: modelling genes are inherited in family, as her auntie was doing modelling and she was her inspiration since the beginning. Later, she moved to London because of her boyfriend and music possibility. Now sara works full time as a model in London. She is into becoming an entrepreneur and also got a business degree at The Norwegian school of Economics (NHH).

UK fashion lifestyle

THE 4OF US has won many awards. They are winners of UK BLOG AWARDS in business fashion & beauty, content creator of the year and are highly recommended in business lifestyle in 2018.

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