What are the other factors to look at other than school fees in Noida while choosing the best CBSE school?

School fees in Noida: Choosing the right school for a child for CBSE admission is one of the main concerns of every parent. It’s a controversial topic, but parents often rely heavily on online or word-of-mouth sources when it comes to giving their children the best possible education. The cornerstone of every child’s bright future is the highest quality of education, so be careful when narrowing down the best schools.

While choosing the best CBSE school for your child, you should keep the following important things in mind: You can evaluate the school’s reputation by considering the following: Does the school have knowledgeable and experienced teachers? How does the institution prepare its students for the competition? Who are the graduates of this institution? What they do? Does this school have a good reputation for academics or extracurriculars? What kind of resources does this institution offer? facilities including playgrounds, laboratories and canteens. There are several CBSE schools in Noida, but when choosing a school for your child, it is essential to consider criteria such as:

Age of School:

The new school will have modern equipment and newly recruited teachers. In older schools, you can find teachers with more experience and a more thorough curriculum.


Playgrounds, labs and libraries are essential, but it’s also good to consider how well the facilities are maintained overall. Are the toilets hygienic? How many classrooms are there? Is there a good library infrastructure?

Test scores:

If you want your child to one day attend a prestigious university, you should consider how well the school’s students did on exams. The accuracy of these scores can vary significantly. In some circumstances, they may be based on the performance of only one student in each class, depending on how many students pass the exam. However, it should give you an idea of ​​how your child will perform in relation to other students in the class.

Here are three suggestions to help you achieve your goal if you’ve ever wanted to start a business or add something unique to your existing line of work.

Finding a school that is close enough to your home or place of employment will allow you to avoid time compromises. The last thing you want if you work full-time is to commute across town every day.


School resources and infrastructure will vary. Some places may have better sports facilities than others, such as an indoor stadium. Some schools may offer more advanced science lab equipment than others or have better accommodations for students with special needs.

Fees and other expenses:

Tuition fees in Noida vary depending on the type of educational institution and where it is located. In addition, some schools charge extra for things like bus fare and other transportation costs.


The above factors are necessary but not the only ones. It cannot be denied that deciding on a school is a difficult process and that the child’s needs come first. Every child has unique needs, abilities and interests, therefore imposing any decision that is not in line with these requirements could stifle the child’s overall growth and prevent the achievement of targeted learning outcomes. So let’s not forget how important it is for your child to make a wise choice for CBSE admission in Noida. Hence, it is recommended that parents enroll their children in the best Noida CBSE school.


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What are the other factors to look at other than school fees in Noida while choosing the best CBSE school?

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