What Are You Buying This Dhanteras? : 6 Best Things That Should you Buy on Dhanteras

What Are You Buying This Dhanteras? : 6 Best Things That Should you Buy on Dhanteras Dhanteras, also known as Dhanatrayodashi, is the thirteenth day of the waning lunar phase of Kartik month, which marks the beginning of the Diwali festival in India. Hindus believe that Lord Dhanvantari emerged from the ocean during the Samudra Manthan, holding sacred texts in one hand and nectar in the other. They worship Lord Kuber and Maa Lakshmi to bring wealth and happiness and consider Dhanteras as an auspicious day for shopping. Many people buy household items and ornaments on Dhanteras to attract prosperity to their homes.

Are you also wondering what to buy the busy youth on this day? Here is a consolidated list of things worth buying on this auspicious day. Don’t worry about money, because a personal instant loan will take care of the expenses.

Buy your dream house

What better time than Dhanteras to buy a dream home for the family? The holiday season is a good time to invest in real estate. The most important purchase in life, home ownership, is also a symbol of wealth. Many sellers are listing their properties for sale because they believe it is a good time. Youngsters looking for a new home have to keep an eye out for the best deals and wait for Dhanteras to finalize the deal.

Don’t worry about finances. A personal loan will help you cover expenses related to interiors, modular kitchens, luxury lighting, furniture, and equipment. . It is a good idea to use a personal loan EMI calculator before applying for a loan to predict EMI.

Gold is always In

What can be a better Diwali gift for the family than gold? Buying gold on Dhanteras is a popular tradition in India as it pleases the goddess Lakshmi and attracts wealth and prosperity. So it is not only an auspicious but also an excellent gift item for Diwali.

As the demand for gold increases significantly during Diwali, its prices rise yearly. But don’t worry about gold price fluctuations as the personal loan EMI calculator in India will help you plan your purchase and repayment in budget EMIs. You can always make this expensive purchase in the form of gold coins or jewelry with a Personal Loan.

Redecorate the house

Home renovation is a great idea for the Diwali season as it adds a sense of cheerfulness and freshness to your life. Changing the colors of the walls will completely transform the look of the house. Delete the old images and replace them with new ones. Opt for a kitchen remodel or bathroom renovation to change their look this Diwali.

Depending on the scope and cost of your home renovation project, take out an instant personal loan to cover any costs such as labor, raw materials, transportation, or designers. Diwali is coming soon and you might want to prepare your house before the celebrations. So take a Personal Loan now and start early.

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Electronic appliances

Those who are not sure what to buy on Dhanteras should not stress as electronic appliances will be the perfect buy for the family. Almost every day, a new appliance is launched, and the Diwali sale makes many electronic items available. When your family needs a new home appliance, Dhanteras is the perfect time to get one.

Almost every brand announces exclusive offers during the Diwali season. Looking at an expensive high-end fridge, washing machine, dishwasher, TV or microwave can put a big dent in your savings. The budget can disrupt even the intention to buy a new laptop or the latest iPhone. This is where a personal loan provides much-needed financial support. Avail of Diwali sales in online and offline stores and buy the most attractive and trendy appliances with an instant loan. But make sure you calculate your EMIs using a personal EMI calculator for successful repayments before applying for a loan.

Plan a luxury vacation

Going on an exotic holiday would be ideal on Dhanteras. Diwali 2022 comes with a long weekend that many people would like to spend in a secluded place. Instead of getting consumed by celebrations, relatives, gifts, or pollution, a trip to an international destination is the ideal way to make this Diwali memorable. This option is especially suitable for young people who live alone in an urban city for study or work. Instead of spending their Diwali alone, they can take a luxury vacation to celebrate the festival differently.

Without a doubt, vacations create memories that you will remember forever. However, planning a vacation has its pitfalls; the first thing that comes to mind is money. If you haven’t saved enough to finance your vacation yet, don’t cancel your trip. Apply for an instant personal loan and visit your favorite destination without breaking the budget.


Gifting silver is considered auspicious on Dhanteras, hence silver is the best thing to buy on this day. Since silver is not as expensive as gold, it is more affordable in most people’s budgets. However, if you buy silver in bulk as a gift to all relatives and friends, the cost can reach a considerable amount. Finance it with a personal loan and gift silver idols, vessels, or ornaments as a gift of luck to your loved ones.


Don’t let your inner lights flicker this Festival of Lights. Decorate your home this Dhanteras with new gold, and silver cutlery, decor, or appliances. You can also go on an unforgettable vacation with family or friends. Take out an instant Personal Loan instead of using your savings to buy these items. Avail of Clix Capital online personal loans that come with flexible repayment options, fast processing, and quick disbursements to get the funds you need on time.


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