What is ANR?

I have wondered what is ANR. People things what it means to. There are a lot of people like you who still don’t know the meaning of the word. But that’s okay. In today’s article, you will know what is the meaning of the word in detail. you will know there are not just one but many different meanings of the word. Here, I have tried to include all possible definitions that you should be aware of. Glad to know what, and keep reading!


What is ANR

There are many meanings just like Adult Nursing Relationship it’s a slang word. It is used when a partner gives her partner milk-producing breasts is known as Adult Nursing Relationship. It’s a beautiful relationship or bond between their partners and Childs.

ANR in Society

In Society, known Adult Nursing Relationship is an erotic relationship.

ANR in Mathematics

In Mathematics Stands for Absolute neighborhood retract it is topological space. In topology, the field of mathematics, the retrospective regression of a continuous mapping from a topological space to a subspace that maintains the location of all points in that subspace. The subspace is retract of the original space.

What is ANR?

ANR in Technology

Active Noise Reduction and Active Noise Control or commonly known as Active Noise Cancellation is a how-to reduce unwanted noise by installing a second sound designed specifically to cancel the first. Spectrum discount

ANR in Medical

Treatment in the Medical term known as Accelerated Neuro-regulation.
It’s a normal brain functioning by the day modern-day medicines.
hope you know about Accelerated Neuro-regulation in the medical term.

ANR in Banking

Adjusted Net Revenue means in financial terms or business the reported profit or loss of a business.

ANR in Finance

In the financial Terms there are many are meaning  but the most common is just the same as banking point Adjusted Net Revenue. it helps to calculate the profit and loss of a company or a business.

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ANR in Android

Do you know what it means  in Android stands for Application Not Responding. it means apps stop responding or stop working.

ANR in Military

In Military stands for Alaska NORAD Reign it is an alternate phrase for the Eleventh Air Force. stands for Agence National de Renseignement and is the government intelligence agency of Zaire. and also stands for Aeronautica Nazionale Repubblicana and is the air force of the Italian Social Republic during World War. so there are many meaning from military.


What is the different between ANR and Crash in Android?

Crash Android when it happens, the app terminate itself because of crash code is exception whereas an ANR is an ongoing state. when an ANR happens, we cannot do anything they will stop to work. So these are the different between.

What is mean by ANR?

Adult Nursing Relationship it is an erotic relationship.

What does ANR in Android?

Do you know what it means in Android or stands for Application Not Responding. it means apps are stop responding or stop working.

What is ANR and ABF?

Adult Nursing Relationship and ABF stands for Adult Breastfeeding Relationship both are same meaning.

What is ANR in Law?

In Law accredited Non-Rights Holders.


People things what it means. and you will know there are not just one but many different meanings of the word. This article is all about in detail and there meaning in different different sector. So you know about their different different meaning like Adult Nursing Relationship it is an erotic relationship. Mathematics, in Technology, in Medical, in Banking, in Finance and in Android. So hope you will like all this information.

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