Which Nepal Trek should you do: Everest Base Camp or Annapurna Circuit?



Nepal attracts hikers, mountaineers, and travelers with its snow-capped peaks and unique cultural blends. There are plenty of important trips and endless variations from one another. Many options leave guests scratching their heads. The two most popular options are Trek to Everest Base Camp and Annapurna Circuit, Trek to Annapurna base camp.


If you are still struggling with your options, we have some helpful explanations below. Remember that any choice promises unforgettable entertainment. Nepal  good trip for you will depend on your position in the time you get and what you wish to see.


Trek length


The first consideration for most travelers will be the length of each trip. Nepal will affect the time you can expect to spend on that route, which may affect other areas in your travel plan. Everest Base Camp Trek covers 130 km. This route usually takes travelers about 12 days to complete, with a maximum reach of 5500m.


In contrast, the shortest distance you can take on the Annapurna Circuit is 170 km. Depending on the route you are taking or the directions you rent, this may be extended to 230m. The shortest length usually takes 16 days to complete, with the highest height being 4200m.


Mountain Views


There are so many wonderful natural and cultural wonders that you will see along the way. Admittedly, though, many people prefer to travel primarily to see the mountains. What will you see on your trip?


During the Everest Base Camp Trek, you will actually see Mount Everest in the distance near the beginning. As you approach the base, you will not be able to see the extreme elevation of this gargantuan mountain itself. There are also plenty of other “little” peaks you will see throughout your trip, still over 6000m!


The Annapurna Circuit Trek promises a completely different set of mountain views, but it is equally good. The largest mountain you will ever see is Dululagiri, 7 feet [8100 m] above the earth. You will see all the peaks in the Annapurna massif, as well as a host of other beautiful mountains.


Cultural Spotting


Both trails are rich in culture and religion, history, and art. Any choice ensures that you will meet good people and learn a lot. On a visit to Everest Base Camp, you will find Namche Bazaar and Tengboche. The Bazaar is a trading center for the Sherpa people, and Tengboche has a large Buddhist monastery in Khumbu, which can be reached only on foot.


While traveling on the Annapurna Circuit Trek, you will be immersed in a variety of cultural sources. First you will meet low-lying farming communities full of apple orchards. You will also find a combination of Buddhist and Hindu temples and historical sites, as well as a collection of Gurung villages.


Crowds and Comfort


Like you, some travelers are excited to embark on this incredible journey to gain lifelong experience. The long and narrow lanes have embraced new luxury and attracted crowds. It is important to understand that unless you go for a break, you can expect to see hundreds of other pedestrians on your way.


The Everest Base Camp Trek is famous, but by all means a little crowded. Its trajectory presents a major physical challenge as it climbs to higher distances over a short distance. However, it has sold well in cities along the way in terms of food and accommodation.


The Annapurna Circuit Trek provides unique information. Although these tracks are very dense, they maintain a high level of authenticity. This trip has been through many receiving valleys. You will not find so many commercial properties. Instead, you can rely on staying in local tea houses and eating with the people who live here all the way.

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