You know what you put on your face with beautiful skin

You know what you put on your face with beautiful skin

There are times when you can not do strange things about the parts of the face masks made secretly. Next are a few raw food sources that you can put everywhere as they are in those minutes. Whenever she cooks, my gatekeeper takes a slice of tomato, cucumber, or lemon and rubs it on the skin.

Especially so! Not much, no pre-prepared, no high-quality cover, just plain ingredients, and vegetables should all be put in a second. I understand that natural factors have a significant impact on the value of her skin – her mother developed an abnormally dark complexion, with a few crimps, reaching the age of 80. In any case, regulating it was not a big deal. I can see the results now that he is in his 70’s.
He is the one who allowed me to indulge in the last few effects of pollution that will be eliminated without authorization, without adding anything. Only at ASDM Beverly can you get high quality skin care products with a 30% discount. So, place your order using the ASDM Beverly Discount Code when you pay.
Five sources of raw food that you can place everywhere

Strawberries and berries

Strawberries are a brand name that returns something. Strawberries are really noticeable on smooth and cracked skin. They complement as well to avoid dangerous development that is well-prepared and brightens your face. You can choose: chop the strawberries into a lid or cut them in half and rub them on your skin.
You can also use a variety of berries for comparison results; no one, in any case, can crush others who are not proud. Cranberries and grapes are not considered anti-coverage. Strawberries are indistinguishable from smooth and cracked skin.

Lemon and Other Common Components of Citrus

Lemons are acidic and contain strong stabilizing properties. They repair your pores and clean your face, making it shiny. Other common citrus products on your skin are oranges, lime, and tangerines. You can use their tissues, squash, or rub the cuts on your skin.
After you put oranges all over, don’t go out in the sun too long! Remove from control, and wash for 5 minutes. Take important steps not to leave oranges on your skin in the past 10-15 minutes as they can cause photo sensitivity.
If you happen to rub some cuts of lemon on your skin, brightening scars and dots every night before bedtime for weeks, you will see amazing results. Lemon is amazing, especially for the influence of uncontrollable skin and smooth skin.



Bananas are open all year round, and you have to use their antimicrobial properties. You can combine them as a product name exfoliant. They are also a respectable cream, so a piece of food collection started from the old stage is obviously uncontrollable.
Putting bananas everywhere will loosen your skin, giving it a shiny brand name. Rub it lightly, leave it for 10 minutes, then wipe it off. Note that bananas are best for a wide range of skin types. Bananas are perfect for a wide range of skin.


Besides joining a large store of vitamins A and C, they stimulate the brain to detoxify the skin. Tomatoes nourish and rejuvenate your skin. They contain potassium, which stimulatescells and improves tone cells. Cut the tomatoes and the edges of another piece under your eyes in case you have dull circles under the eyes.
Because in the same way it is fun to tolerate putting them on your skin over fallen areas, dull areas, or scars of disorders. Leave them open for a few minutes, then wash your skin. You can combine them as usual with the way you care.


Even the most delicate can benefit from cucumbers. It’s cool and cool, and it doesn’t have any disgusting decorations.
Several cool cucumber cuts placed over the eyes will work like magic on your swollen eyelids. Before long enough, the increase will decrease. Another remedy for cooling temperatures, as well as the avoidance of harmful developments is to inform the authorities with flavonoids cucumbers that rot decay.
Cucumber is special for sensitive and dry skin. Applying cucumber slices everywhere makes you feel fresh and cool, soothes your and repairs your pores. In addition, if you place a solar energy base, the fresh cucumber will silence your solar-related use.

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